pregnant2Our last blog post was an opening into a series of blogs where we will cover the various benefits that expecting mothers see when they visit a chiropractor on a routine basis during their pregnancy. With so many other factors driving the focus of preparing for an additional family member, we understand that things get busy and that your health can take a back burner at times, but that’s the last thing that we want. By providing you with high quality and thorough chiropractic care, we hope to provide you with a pregnancy that goes smoothly and takes you and your baby into consideration.  

Without further ado, here are the benefits that you’ll see.

Keeps Your Spine Aligned

While posture can be a big factor in why our spines are unaligned in general, pregnancy increases the chances of spine misalignment. With the additional weight, it’s not uncommon that mothers experience back pain as a result of misalignment from additional weight in such a short amount of time. The pain from this common chiropractic issue can create severe pains for expecting mothers who are already dealing with a handful of other discomforts. The more often that chiropractic visits occur, the more often that the spine is aligned and the less discomfort there is throughout the pregnancy. This also helps build the strength of the spine while the weight continues to add on as the baby grows.

Strengthens Joints

Pregnancy also wears down on the joints of mothers as they continue to grow. This often happens on the abdomen, hips, legs and ankles. The constant work on the spine and surrounding muscles allows for the body to heal at a quicker rate rather than develop pain from the run down of joints. Strengthening the joints and minimizing the amount of pain will definitely be beneficial to mothers and their comfort.

These two benefits are only the beginning of the benefits that will be experienced as an expecting mother. The next blog post will cover more reasons that expecting mothers should prioritize their chiropractic health and it’s part in the long run of health and happiness for you and your child.