Lower back pain is one of the biggest complaints that we hear from individuals coming in for chiropractic care. This particular part of the spine is something that individuals have a hard time finding a remedy for, cracking on their own, or properly caring for. There are a few different reasons that people develop pain in this part of their back, and some of them are to be expected, but for the most part, reducing pain in your lower back can be as easy as taking precautions in your day to day activities. Here are a couple of the ways that you can change your day to day life to better care for your lower back.

Strengthen Your Core

While it isn’t the place that is experiencing the pain, your core muscles are the ones that can benefit the lower back. It doesn’t require insane amounts of core exercises to benefit the lower back. Exercises as easy as power walking once or twice a day, or doing a few ab exercises every couple of days, can help enhance the blood flow to your spine to manage the health of your back.

Work on Your Posture

It’s really easy to slack on our posture. There are plenty of times where we talk about the importance of posture when people are sitting at their desk for hours at a time, but the truth is that posture goes beyond that. Posture is the way that we carry ourselves on a daily basis, the way that we sit at the dinner table or on the couch, and how we hold our bodies as we walk. Being cautious of your posture could greatly contribute to a reduction of pain in your lower back, and overall comfort moving forward.

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