Have you ever slept funny?

Maybe you fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie, and your neck was smooshed in a weird position.

Maybe you turned around to back out of a tight parking spot and then you felt it…That searing pain in your neck that just won’t go away.

Don’t reach for the Tylenol or head to the emergency for stronger pain killers. Searching for “chiropractor near me in Victorville” is a much smarter choice, especially if you prefer natural care that promotes healing rather than masking the pain.

Signs You Need To See A Chiropractor For Your Neck Pain

  • The pain and stiffness doesn’t subside after a few days.
  • Looking over your right or left shoulder without moving your body causes intense pain.
  • You’re taking over-the-counter medications just to make it through the day.
  • You’ve started to experience numbness and/or tingling in appendages in addition to your neck pain.
  • The pain started after a car accident.
  • The pain is really bad right after you get out of bed, but by the end of the day it feels a little bit better.

How Your Chiropractor In Victorville Can Help

In most cases, neck pain is caused by one of two things: a pinched nerve or whiplash. If you could look inside your neck, you’d see your vertebrae separated by nerves and discs. Poor posture, sitting or sleeping in a weird position, or strange neck movements can cause the vertebra to shift, pinching the nerves and causing pain. Whiplash is a common occurrence that can stretch or tear the tendons and ligaments in your neck, causing pain as well.

With an exam and series of adjustments, your Victorville chiropractor will be able to correct these issues, realigning vertebrae and allowing your muscles to heal.

Don’t live with a pain in the neck, visit Desert Cities Chiropractic as soon as possible!