With years of chiropractic expertise and industry experience, the chiropractors at Desert Cities Chiropractic are very aware of the hearsay, myths, and flat-out lies that have surrounded the chiropractic studies for decades. Today, we’ll cover just a few of the myths surrounding chiropractic, and explain why these myths don’t hold water.

Chiropractic services aren’t covered by insurance.

While all insurance plans are different, the large majority of health insurance plans, including Medicare, offer chiropractic coverage.

Chiropractic sessions are hugely expensive.

Over the past two decades, the healthcare industry has placed a much greater emphasis on preventative care as opposed to prescription drugs and surgeries. Multiple scientific studies have quantified the preventative benefits of chiropractic care, highlighting its ability to improve joint function pain relief after as few as three session with the chiropractor.

With these studies coming to light, an increasing number of insurance companies, including medicare, are offering coverage for preventative chiropractic adjustment.

dreamstime_xxl_26610322The sound you hear at the chiropractor is your bones cracking and grinding together.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The “pop” that you hear during your chiropractic session is the sound of C02 releasing itself from your spine. This sound is completely normal and healthy—just a byproduct of spinal adjustments by your chiropractor.

Regardless of the health benefits, some people are uncomfortable or just plain grossed out by the popping noise during a chiropractic session. Fortunately, more and more noise-free chiropractic treatments are becoming widely available to the public.

Prescription drugs are far safer than chiropractic services.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), unintentional prescription drug poisoning is the third most common cause of accidental death in the United States, with deaths involving pain-relieving prescription drugs nearly quadrupling since 1999. Pain and pain relief are obviously huge issues in the US, and with so many people using and abusing painkillers, chiropractic services could be a great way to relieve some of the day-to-day chronic pains of office workers, those showing signs of age, and potentially, those who have sustained injuries that cause neck and back pain. Chiropractic services are all about improving alignment and joint function for less joint pain and pressure, without manipulating the body’s nervous system with addictive opiates. While painkillers have proven benefits for some people, others could avoid the risk of pharmaceutical drugs with a few sessions at the chiropractor.

A chiropractor doesn’t have half as much education as a doctor.

It takes 2,887 class hours to earn a chiropractic degree. It takes 2,756 class hours to obtain a medical doctor degree.

At Desert Cities Chiropractic, we understand that chiropractic care doesn’t just help relieve pain and pressure—it helps you live the active, healthy life that you want to live. That’s what our expert staff is passionate about. With years of experience and friendly, educated staff members, Desert Cities Chiropractic can help you relieve pain and improve spinal alignment in only a few sessions. Contact us to schedule your first session today!