In this day and age, a large majority of Americans work in office buildings and sit at desks day after day—and while these jobs have plenty of upsides, some of the downsides come in the form of serious health issues. Many media organizations and blogs have colloquially called these health issues “Sitting Disease”, as nearly all of the negative health effects of sedentary office work come from long hours of sitting.

Fortunately, the chiropractic field has a number of methods that reduce the health problems associated with sitting disease.

Relieves Neck and Back Pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association, as many as 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain at any given time. While office work has its benefits, prolonged periods of sitting at a desk can cause severe lower back pain and soreness, as well as neck tension. (Office work can be a literal pain in the butt as well.)

Chiropractors often use spinal manipulative therapy to “work out the kinks,” reduce pain, and decrease the amount of “passive treatment” needed to alleviate pain, such as bed rest. This is just one of the various tactics chiropractors use help promote a healthy neck, back, and butt.

If you experience pain, stiffness, or soreness due to office-related work, it’s critical to talk to your local chiropractor about what ails you. Based on your level of pain and the amount of time you spend doing sedentary office work, your chiropractor can develop a regimen and session schedule to help alleviate your most extreme office-related symptoms.  

office-picStifles Headaches

Tension headaches are by far the most common kind of headache, especially amongst office workers who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. These headaches are often described as a dull pain, or tension, around the forehead, the back of the head or neck, or “behind the eyes,” and are estimated to occur amongst 80 percent of working adults, three percent of which have chronic tension headaches.

These headaches are often caused by tension in the back and the neck, which causes muscles spasms that trigger tension headaches.Chiropractors understand these triggers on a biological level, and how bodily health and nutrition can help with tension relief. They use spinal manipulative therapy and body repositioning to ease the symptoms of tension headaches by reducing muscle spasms and tension that accumulates in the spine and the neck.

Schedule an appointment with your local chiropractor if you’re experiencing frequent tension headaches, and do it sooner rather than later. If not treated early on, tension headaches can become more severe (and even chronic) over time.

Improves Overall Body Health

If your body is in a healthier state, you’ll look better, feel better, and work harder and smarter on the job. A few sessions with a chiropractor can help reduce blood pressure, improve posture and organ function, and reduce the effects of arthritis and joint pain, so you can always be the best version of yourself at work or in life.

That’s what the chiropractic staff at Desert Cities Chiropractic is passionate about—keeping you at your very best. As the premier chiropractor in Victorville, Desert Cities Chiropractic is dedicated to providing you with a friendly and helpful chiropractic experience with a wealth of health benefits. Contact us to book an appointment today!