Chiropractic Testimonials

"When I came in my first day for chiropractic care I was nauseous from the pain in my neck. After receiving treatment I am back to my old self. I am flexible and happy again. I am able to do all the things I love again. Thanks to all the staff here I am back to normal."

- P.G.

"I came in with pain reaching the highest level I could stand. I was put on a plan to better my health and after continuous visits I have to say my pain is a zero. I am very satisfied with my care and look forward to continuing my visits."

- A. S.

"Since coming to Desert Cities Chiropractic, my health and my whole lifestyle has changed. Living with chronic pain was limiting my work. Having young ones to care for means a lot of active movement and being in ‘positive’ mode for the kids. My pain was getting worse, and I finally came to terms with the fact I needed to see a doctor. Once diagnosed and starting treatments, my pain has lessened. I feel like I can do so much more and this reflects in my workplace as well as with my family. It feels good to ‘feel good’ again. Thanks so much to all the doctors and caring staff!"

- T.L.

"For about three years now I have had trouble with pain in my back. This also has caused sleep problems for me as well. I went to my doctor and he first gave me muscle relaxers. This would help until the prescription ran out. Then I would go back and then they did x-ray’s and an MRI and they told me that there was nothing wrong with my back. I continued to just going back to my doctor and he would prescribe me medicine for the pain. During which, I took my prescribed medicine and a lot of over the counter medicine and energy drink because I was always tired due to lack of sleep. I am 44 years old and I have never been to a chiropractor before. My wife found a promotion for Desert Cities Chiropractic and she called and made me an appointment. During my consultation the doctors there were very professional and friendly. They set up a treatment plan for me that had a start date and an end date. Within the first couple of visits I started to feel relief. I have now been going for five weeks. My treatment plan is not over but I feel myself getting better. I am sleeping a lot better and taking a lot less medicine. The entire staff at Desert Cities Chiropractic is very friendly and professional and you would like to appreciate them all. Thank You Desert Cities Chiropractic!"

- J. H.

For more information or to get started writing your own success story, call or visit our chiropractic team in Victorville CA. At Desert Cities Chiropractic, we are eager and excited to get you started on your journey to better health and a better life.


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